Shuaichen Chang

Applied Scientist at AWS AI Lab

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About Me

I am an applied scientist at AWS AI Lab in New York. Before joining AWS, I obtained my Ph.D. in Computer Science Department at The Ohio State University, advised by Prof. Eric Fosler-Lussier (opens new window). Prior to OSU, I obtained my B.S. at Fudan University, advised by Prof. Xipeng Qiu (opens new window).

My research focuses on building robust and generalizable natural language interface to structured data (tables, databases, map images). Lately, I've been captivated by the fascinating world of generative AI and foundation models.

Feel free to reach out if you're interested in collaborating or just chatting about something!

Teaching Experiences

Instructor for Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (OSU CSE3521), Fall 2022


Google Scholar (opens new window) Semantic Scholar (opens new window)

Selective Demonstrations for Cross-domain Text-to-SQL

Shuaichen Chang, Eric Fosler-Lussier

EMNLP findings, 2023 [PDF (opens new window)] [Code (opens new window)] [Video (opens new window)]

How to Prompt LLMs for Text-to-SQL: A Study in Zero-shot, Single-domain, and Cross-domain Settings

Shuaichen Chang, Eric Fosler-Lussier

NeurIPS TRL, 2023 [PDF (opens new window)] [Code (opens new window)]

Dr.Spider: A Diagnostic Evaluation Benchmark towards Text-to-SQL Robustness

Shuaichen Chang, Jun Wang, Mingwen Dong, Lin Pan, Henghui Zhu, Alexander Hanbo Li, Wuwei Lan, Sheng Zhang, Jiarong Jiang, Joseph Lilien, Steve Ash, William Yang Wang, Zhiguo Wang, Vittorio Castelli, Patrick Ng, Bing Xiang

ICLR, 2023 (Top 5% Paper (Oral)) [PDF (opens new window)] [Blog (opens new window)] [Data (opens new window)] [Slides (opens new window)][Video (opens new window)]

MapQA: A Dataset for Question Answering on Chorpleth Maps

Shuaichen Chang*, David Palzer*, Jialin Li, Eric Fosler-Lussier, Ningchuan Xiao (* equal contribution)

NeurIPS TRL, 2022 [PDF (opens new window)] [Data (opens new window)]

Explainaboard: An Explainable Leaderboard for NLP

Pengfei Liu, Jinlan Fu, Yang Xiao, Weizhe Yuan, Shuaichen Chang, Junqi Dai, Yixin Liu, Zihuiwen Ye, Zi-Yi Dou, Graham Neubig

ACL, 2021 (Best Demo Paper) [PDF (opens new window)] [Demo (opens new window)]

Prefix-to-SQL: Text-to-SQL Generation from Incomplete User Questions

Naihao Deng, Shuaichen Chang, Peng Shi, Tao Yu, Rui Zhang

ACL NLP4Prog, 2021 [PDF (opens new window)]

Did You Ask a Good Question? A Cross-Domain Question Intention Classification Benchmark for Text-to-SQL

Yusen Zhang, Xiangyu Dong, Shuaichen Chang, Tao Yu, Peng Shi, Rui Zhang

EMNLP IntEx-SemPar workshop, 2020 [PDF (opens new window)]

Zero-shot Text-to-SQL Learning with Auxiliary Task

Shuaichen Chang, Pengfei Liu, Yun Tang, Jing Huang, Xiaodong He, Bowen Zhou

AAAI, 2020 [PDF (opens new window)] [Code (opens new window)]

Contextualized Non-local Neural Networks for Sequence Learning

Pengfei Liu, Shuaichen Chang, Xuanjing Huang, Jian Tang, Jackie Chi Kit Cheung

AAAI, 2019 [PDF (opens new window)]

Awards & Honors

Amazon Post Intership Fellowship, 2022

ACL Best Demo Paper, 2021

Fudan Honors Student, 2017

China National Scholarship, 2016

China National Scholarship, 2015


In my spare time I enjoy painting (1 (opens new window), 2 (opens new window)), tennis, and traveling. I've stayed in Tianjin, Shanghai, Taipei, Columbus, San Jose, New York, and Honolulu for more than one month.

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